Exchange International Students

Application Dates ・ Duration of Study

6 months
A year Program
The program beginning
in Spring
10/31 April-August April-March
The program beginning
in Fall
4/10 September-March September-August


  • Students must be enrolled in an institution that currently has a formalized relationship with Hakuoh University.
  • Students may not graduate from their home university while studying abroad at Hakuoh University.
  • Students studying at Hakuoh University must be in good health, and be free of any physical conditions that may prove a hindrance to living overseas.

At time of application:

  • -Making satisfactory academic progress
  • -Have completed four semesters or equivalent of college,
  • -Have completed four semesters or equivalent of Japanese language(Possesses the basic language skills necessary to engage in conversation during overseas travel / living.)
  • -Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0. (on a 4.0 scale)

Financial Aid

Hakuoh University will subsidize the cost of the dormitory room and waiver Hakuoh tuition.

Application Process

Submit the following all documents to the Hakuoh University International Exchange Center through your institution.

*Please refer to the example when filling out the ④”Application For Certificate of Eligibility” and also be sure that the necessary documents are presented in an Microsoft Excel file, and Emailed to: global@ad.hakuoh.ac.jp

  • ①Completed Application for Admission to Hakuoh University
  • ②One Letter of Recommendation from your university
  • ③Original or certified copies of college academic records
  • ④Completed Application For Certificate of Eligibility
  • ⑤Completed Letter of Paying Expenses
  • ⑥Copy of applicant’s passport including page with his/her picture, passport number and issuing authority
  • ⑦One recently taken, full face, digital color photo (3 cm×4 cm or 1.2 inch×1.6 inch recently taken, full front face) All submitted photographs must meet the standard requirements as established by the Japanese government. For further details, please refer to:
  • ⑧Completed Hakuoh University Housing Application Form

※Additional documents may be required if needed by the Japanese Immigration Bureau.

※All immigration proceedings will be conducted by the Japanese Ministry of Justice. Hakuoh University will not be held responsible In the event that a student is not granted a student visa.

Academic Japanese Program for exchange students

Japanese Language Studies Japanese intermediate grade A /B (Spring)
Japanese intermediate grade C /D (Fall)
Japanese Ⅰ A (Spring) / B (Fall)
JapaneseⅡ A(Spring)/ B (Fall)
Japanese Ⅲ A(Spring)/ B (Fall)
Japanese Area Studies Japanese Society & Economy (Spring)
Japanese Lifestyle & Climate (Spring)
Japanese History & Politics (Fall)
Japanese Culture & Literature (Fall)
Life in Japan A (Spring/Fall) /B (Spring/Fall)
  • ‐Further details regarding classes and registration will be fully explained during an orientation lecture held upon arriving in Japan.
  • ‐Exchange students from abroad are welcome to take classes outside of the standard curriculum prepared for visiting exchange students, but N2 level Japanese ability (or its equivalent) are required to attend such classes. Furthermore, approval from staff or faculty may be necessary to attend classes outside of the regular exchange student curriculum.
  • ‐When registering for classes outside of the normal exchange student curriculum, in small classes with limited registration, priority will give to full-time Hakuoh University students. Whether or not academic credits will be rewarded for classes taken at Hakuoh University is up to the professors/academic advisors of the student’s home university. Please make sure you are eligible to receive credits before applying to the Hakuoh University study program.