Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law,containing the Law Department, is divided into three courses studying the rules society imposes of its members. Students studying in this faculty acquire a legal frame of reference enabling them to work in a wide range of law-related (and business-「elated)」jobs.

Department of Law

  • International
  • Law
  • Policy Making

The International Course

studies basic Japanese Law as well as the legal relations and laws of other countries closely related to Japan (such as China, Korea, Southeast Asian nations,America,Europe,and the Middle East)to search for solutions to legal dilemmas and arrive at mutually agreed upon global standards.

The Law Course

studies the various specialized domestic legal fields systematically,especially the following: Intellectual Property Rights Law,Environmental Law,Corporate Accounting Law, Financial Transaction Law, Administrative Procedural Law,Administrative Law, and Local Government Administration Law.

The Policy Making Course

examines modem society from a policy making and legal standpoint in order to analyze and evaluate the decisions made. The aim is to train students with a long-term vision,able to create an equitable future society.